Kennedy Residence

San Francisco, California

This home abuts a greenbelt hillside that cannot be built upon so the rationale for the design was to remove the disparate palette of materials on the 1980 facade and, with the new materials, to unite the home with its unique site. To do so only three new materials were used: Ipé (ironwood) boards, integrally colored cement plaster, and copper flashing.

The new Ipé boards were installed as a “rainscreen;” that is, as a breathable skin held away from the building to allow the home to be healthier.

To soundproof the home from the noise of the busy street new exterior gypsum sheathing was installed over the existing plywood, under the rainscreen membrane.

The existing vinyl frame soundproof windows were kept and painted to match the Ipé boards. The new front door and garage door were also made of Ipé.

City Home Facade Remodel

James Dixon