San Francisco

A remodel of a 1927 Marina Style home in the Outer Sunset, three blocks from the Pacific Ocean, in San Francisco. The design goal and philosophy: if this home could dream, what would it dream its renovation could be.

Scope: renovate upper floor, new lower floor, new exterior front stair & planters, new rear yard permeable paver patio with new trees (the upper site has existing stone landscaping that remains). 

Upper floor: new dining room, new semi-open kitchen, new bathroom, new interior stair to new lower level.

Lower level is entirely new and includes a new media room, new kitchenette, new bathroom, new bedroom, and new laundry. Materials and details are selected to have a respectful dialog across time to the home's original 1927 design. For example, the new gate at top of the new exterior stair will match the style of the existing 1927 interior glass doors.

Marina Style


Semi-Open Plan

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