Marysville, California

This home is in the foothill forests above Marysville. Its structure is 4 large glulam beams to form a stable modern teepee that frees up the interior spaces and allows for a floating second floor.

James Dixon was architect for this home while working with the late Aaron Green, FAIA.

Forest Home

San Francisco

Renovation of a 1917 school auditorium.

JDA also designed the custom uplight fixtures.

City Home

Native Landscape and Deck

San Francisco

All new California native drought-tolerant plants, new landscape walls of drystack split face concrete block, and a new redwood deck for a 1940s home in San Francisco.

City Home



San Francisco

A new facade on the front and side replaces

the mismatch of 1980s materials.

Historical Facade


San Francisco

Renovated front and side facades with historically accurate colors, new cast brass address signage for building and front doors, and new lighting.

Hillsborough, California

This 1931 home is an excellent example of the Moorish California style.

The renovation:

  New two story wing next to the 1931 pool.
  New broad tiled landscape stair.

  New tile terrace & coping around pool.

  New lawn for croquet & badminton.

  New built in BBQ and an outdoor bar.

  New Moorish rose garden.



San Francisco

As a part of the night life scene along Geary Boulevard in the Theater District this project develops an interior space between two historical buildings by opening up their common center and connecting three levels spatially.

At the street level is the bar and restaurant. There is a mezzanine floor above and a lounge below.

All the wood for flooring, tables, paneling, and bar is from the native Madrone tree.

Notre Dame des

Victoires School


City Loft

Bath & Kitchen


San Francisco

Remodeled a kitchen and bathroom in a loft in a converted 1927 Weyerhauser Paper Warehouse. Used factory sash windows, red steel supports for cabinets, custom terrazzo countertops, and mahogany cabinets to match the original 1927 lobby.





San Francisco

Complete renovation of a building that was gutted by an arsonist-caused fire. This building has regained its place as a valued contributor to a national registered historic district along Bush Street.

Suburban Cottage

Site Renovation

Outdoor Room & Landscape

Lafayette, California

For this 1930s cottage we added a new outdoor room with a roof and walls to match the original home. The new outdoor room is at the rear yard at the side of the existing garage and has a gas fireplace, a BBQ area, and and an outdoor TV. There are new permeable concrete pavers at the rear yard and the front path.

This project replaces thousands of square feet of concrete with new plants, new permeable pavers, and new trees.


Edwardian Renovation

San Francisco

Interior renovation of a 1908 Edwardian to add a dining room. We expressed the original idea of lath for the historical lath and plaster walls, used new Douglas Fir flooring to harmonize with the historical Douglas Fir flooring, and exposed the structural bones of the home so that it could tell its own story from 1908 to the present day.

Suburban Cottage

Front Yard Renovation

Lafayette, California

For this corner lot we replaced the front lawn with native drought resistant plants, relocated the front pathway and re-used its original pavers.



San Francisco

The renovation of this Victorian Queen Anne Cottage provides spatial drama within a small footprint by opening up the attic at the family room, removing part of the roof and adding a clerestory window, replacing the removed roof with a private deck with a hot tub, and adding large arched windows at the renovated spaces. The renovated family room will receive light from two sides on a very narrow urban lot.

This compact plan unites the renovated family room with the new kitchen and adds two new interior stairs, one stair to the new second floor and the other stair  to the renovated lower level garage and wine cellar.

The 1980s remodel that gutted and destroyed all but the Victorian front room was completely removed and the few Victorian touches that remained were replicated to bring the spirit back to the home. The new interior stairs use appropriately detailed balustrades. The new interior trim for baseboards, doors, and windows matches the Victorian originals.


Marina Style


San Francisco

A remodel of a 1925 Marina Style home in the Outer Sunset, three blocks from the Pacific Ocean, in San Francisco. The design goal and philosophy: if this home could dream, what would it dream its renovation could be.

Scope: renovate upper floor, new lower floor, new exterior front stair & planters, new rear yard permeable paver patio with new trees (the upper site has existing stone landscaping that remains). 

Upper floor: new dining room, new kitchen, new bathroom, new interior stair to new lower level.

Lower level is entirely new and includes a new media room, new kitchenette, new bathroom, new bedroom, and new laundry. Materials and details are selected to have a respectful dialog across time to the home's original 1925 design. For example, the new gate at top of the new exterior stair will match the style of the existing 1925 interior glass doors.


City Historical Flat

Interiors & Custom Furniture

San Francisco

Remodel of a dining, living, and kitchen of a penthouse flat on Nob Hill in a 1929 Spanish Gothic highrise.

Designed the dining table with plywood layers in the outline of the room, and a glass top to show the layers. Dining seats on casters pull up to recesses in table base and are rolled into corners of room when not in use and at catered events.

Selected art, furnishings, and furniture in the living room to keep the focus on the view, all the furniture is below the sill height of the windows.

Remodeled kitchen with custom open glass shelves at upper cabinets and sliding trays in base cabinets.


Oxbow Lake Home

New Home & Landscaping


Fulshear, Texas

This new rural home is carefully sited to preserve a mature grove of pecan and oak trees next to an oxbow lake. The oxbow lake is a former meander of the Brazos River. The open volumes, open plan, and simple massing of the home carry through the concept of a "barn for people." The trusses and beams are exposed inside and perform the actual structural work of supporting the roof while providing spatial richness and definition. The corrugated metal roof and simple white walls continue the "barn for people" theme. The stone floor continues from inside to outside to further unite the home with its site.

All the doors slide into pockets so that the entire home becomes an open pavilion on the Texas prairie. Screens roll down to cover the openings when necessary to keep out any Texas bugs while allowing natural air flow and cooling. The limited windows on the south minimize heat gain from the Texas sun, and the deep verandas and planted trellises provide shade.